2020 will surely go down as the most challenging of years in the hospitality and entertainment industries. On Friday October 9th the Government of Ontario announced another mandatory shutdown of indoor dining. This is no easy feat, to pivot to exclusively take-out with 12 hours notice. Fortunately we were able to sell off all our fresh food at a great discount to our guests. Nothing went to waste!
But now we are taking some time to re-think the take-out and delivery aspect of our business. We are discouraged by the ‘30% off the top’ model of the available food delivery services; that’s more than we make, we do all the work, and have all the overhead. We will continue to lobby all levels of government to impose lower rates by these ‘delivery apps’ to restaurants.
We will be starting up again soon, with a new menu, new delivery platforms, and a new sense of purpose as we try and navigate these troubled waters. As always we thank you for your continued support & trust in us.

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LAURA SHEEHAN · 17/10/2020 at 12:26 pm

So glad to see you pivot to increase takeout. I really am glad you are looking at options for takeout delivery. I ordered more takeout when the Relish crew delivered.I know as you opened up that that was not sustainable staffing wise but really appreciated it when you were able to do it. I am proud of your tenacity and courage Joanne. Is it fair what is happening to Relish and many other businesses? No it is not. Will the unfairness come to an abrupt end? It appears not. What can we do? Continue to advocate for better days while at the same time just as you are doing pivot for The short term. Stay focused and all will be well! Takeout may even become as popular as grocery delivery has become.Stay tuned!

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