Today we are offering a space for TMP to hold a quarterly recital of students! Please join us for lunch (reservations highly recommended) and support music in our children’s lives. I know we at Relish do!

Established in 2014, TMP is the neighourhood’s only non-profit music school. All our teachers are professional musicians and educators. We make our program accessible by keeping our fees pegged to family income.

We offer group. semi-private, and private lessons to all school aged kids. Our goal is to give every child the very best music education. We believe music can change lives.

Our program begins children in Music Foundations (JK-SK), a proprietary program developed by TMP. MF is a play-based introduction to music, with movement, rhythm, singing, percussion, instruments and. . . dance parties.

After MF, children are encouraged to join Glee or Percussion, continuing to learn and experience music through their bodies and voices.

We encourage children to begin instrument classes in grade two. We believe that most children, at this age, have the physical dexterity to excel in instruments, and begin the process of learning theory and learning to play by ear.

Our focus is on performance. All children, regardless of age, will have the opportunity to perform in their community and with their peers. As our students move through the program, they will have opportunities to form bands, play with other instruments, and play with their teachers throughout the community. We believe performance is the key to success and encourage lots of music celebration throughout the year in our community.