“Rhonda Stakich sings what seems to be a modern recasting of the art song into popular music.” – Bob LeDrew, BobCat House Concerts

“Deliciously constructed folk songs on a delicate bed of jazz.” – Andy Frank, CIUT

Rhonda Stakich is a prairie girl at heart who began the winding journey to Toronto in the foothills of Alberta. Born and raised in a junction town, she explored the great unknown early in life in pursuit of peace, relevance, and meaning. Journeys North and South, East and West finally landed Rhonda in Toronto in early 2001 and a career in music was born.

Influenced by artists and creators from Joni Mitchell to Nina Simone, Rhonda’s versatile fusion of folk and jazz resonates with wonderfully told stories, melodic progressions, and memorable, lingering harmonies. The architecture of Rhonda’s creations are clever, quirky, soothing, and thought provoking in a way that guides the listener through imaginative space. From clubs, to halls, to a living room setting, Rhonda brings out a delicate and beautiful charm in her music, her presence, and her wish for all music lovers to dream.