Mark Sepic – Musician, Sound Sculptor

Mark Sepic is an internationally recognized guitarist/composer, whose virtuoso finger-style guitar, appealing vocal style, impeccable taste, child-like sense of play and some electronic loop-wizardry make his concerts an irresistible joy-ride into the magic of music. His projects have been featured in thirteen consecutive Toronto Jazz Festivals and have taken him abroad to Germany, Cuba and Singapore.

But wait – there’s more!”

A passionate environmentalist, Mark’s “Junkestra” program, a hands-on wonderland of recycling, integrates sports, music, and art, celebrating the musical potential of everyday things. In schools, galleries and festivals throughout Ontario, Mark has helped Canadians recycle over 250,000 items, giving tin cans, toilet paper rolls and plastic jars a musical afterlife as drums, kazoos and maracas. Larger items – pots, pans, plumbing and yes, even the kitchen sink, become sound sculptures, 11 of which dot the Ontario landscape, from Toronto and Hamilton to Barry’s Bay and Moose Factory.The Junkestra provides infinite musical nuance and casts a creative spell over all who enter. It has received generous media coverage and has been featured at many diverse venues, including the 2015 Pan-Am Games launch, Toronto Fringe Festival, Roy Thompson Hall’s “Share the Music” and Nuit Blanche.

Mark’s newest creation, a hockey stick xylophone, has been featured on CBC Radio’s DNTO, as “Canada’s Green Slap Shot to Save the World”.

Guitar Guru or Mad Scientist – you decide; Either way, Mark guarantees an unforgettable show.