m.e. lights up the Toronto music scene.

A talented, charming and entirely entertaining jewel of a human being, she brings to others her musical joy, inspiration and wit, to the delight of all.

“Been back in Toronto for over a year, so much has happened, super gigs and I’m sitting in with wow artists that I love all over town. Check out this link to a fan video of me & The Kevin Laliberte Trio. Catching up with old friends and making new ones, singing, writing, being a one-woman band, I love my Toronto life!” – m.e.

New music, listen now to “Beautifully Broken”

Hear m.e.’s newest recordings + get out to a gig, love this live.

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m.e. law (aka Marion Law), a SOCAN registered, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and formerly in San Diego, California, USA, has performed internationally, with music credits ranging from reality tv to a Romero zombie film.

Looking for folky, bluesy, witty, powerful lyrics, unique, amazing voice and range?

Pop, ballad, soul, country, blues, even a bit of a Latin vibe. Romance, tragedy, comedy – its all there. And covers? When m.e. sings it, it’s hers.