folk pop blues country jazz vibe witty powerful lyric unique voice December 2016 – m.e. law, singer/songwriter back home in Canada ‘Laughing My AO’: NEW CD

Singer/songwriter m.e. law, a Canadian recently based in San Diego, returns to Canada permanently following much-deserved praise in the SoCal music space: San Diego Troubadour Magazine, July 2016, ‘Back in Action with m.e. law’ by Frank Kocher Her music is at the same time soft and ethereal and wickedly satirical and clever—with lyrics that have to be listened to. Her melodies may be Bossa Novas or floating folk themes and can change in the next moment into a quirky observational blues or jazz statement about our ever-more puzzling world.

The m.e. sound, folk tinged, eclectic and original, with versatile rhythm, right-on melody and engaging lyric – guitar, piano, harmonica, voice. Listen to her ‘LMAO’ for a sample. Hear m.e. deliver genres pop, ballad, soul, country and blues, some songs have a bit of a Latin vibe, on her web site Highlights of her recent sw Ontario summer 2016 tour: Artword Artbar, Hamilton, ON, m.e. made new fans with her new material and old favourites, all original music, featuring songs from her new CD, ‘Laughing My AO’, with special guest, Sarah Farr. Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll, ON, m.e. entertained for her third consecutive year at this free and popular music festival with guitar guru, Ken Archer & harmony / percussion from musical friend, MJ Russell.

m.e. charms an audience and gives a strong emotional performance. She’s an asset to any festival.” Ted Comiskey, Artistic Director, Canterbury Folk Festival “m.e. was such a pleasure to work with! She oozes joy and fun not only through her music, but in her interactions with the crowd and festival organizers.” Brenda Boswell, Board Member – Marketing, Canterbury Folk Festival “I’m coming home after 16 years in the U.S., and I’m on track for more touring, songwriting and loving the great response I get wherever I perform”, m.e. said, “More festivals, more arts fairs, more cool clubs – I’m having a blast! I can’t wait to get out to Toronto and area venues, I’m excited to be back home.”