Rock n’ Roll / Rockabilly/ Country-Blues/ Folk-Blues/ Blues
Band Members:
JIMMY BYRON- Vocals/rhythm guitar/Harmonica
DAVE HAFFEY- Lead guitar
MITCHELL THOMSON- Upright Bass/Slap Brushbass
Hailing from the South side of Chicago, and the Southwestern-Chicagoland Area of Illinois, singer-songwriter Jimmy Byron became a bandleader/frontman in 1998. With his sound and style flavored by his love of rock n’ roll, blues, rockabilly, folk and traditional country, his music found favor with Midwestern crowds who sought something more than what contemporary pop music offered. Working with great musicians who ably backed his lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jimmy soon became a fixture of the Chicago music scene.
In 2005, Jimmy relocated to Toronto, Ontario. There he found audiences that warmly welcomed his distinct brand of traditional rock n’ roll/blues-infused music, and he soon found himself performing regularly around the city with an array of very talented musicians.
Jimmy continues to reside in Toronto, where he earns his keep as a musician, actor, and visual artist.