Isabel Fryszberg and the Uncommons  are Isabel on vocals and rhythm guitar, John Switzer on bass, Rebecca Campbell on harmonies, percussion and guitar, Noah Zacharin on lead guitar and Paul Brennan on drums.

The music is timeless songs, written by Isabel Fryszberg as well as a number of co-writes. The style is roots music with country, rock, jazz/blues americana flavors. There are also some tasty covers, some classic country, blue grass songs and old time jazz added seamlessly to the repertoire. One recent audience member described the band’s sound as reminscent of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.

She is currently working on an EP of new songs working under the title, “Tear it Down” with producer Mitch Girio, Toronto’s revered guitarist, Steve Briggs and members of Isabel and the Uncommons. These are songs that speak about our current times and the heart break of the world.


Relish Bar and Grill Tuesday, Sept 17 , 2019 7:00-9:30 Isabel and the Uncommons (Noah Zacherin, John Switzer, Paul Brennan) new location!!!