Thanks again for the giving and Happy healthy Thanksgiving to and for all!! Once again feeling so thankful to all and so so happy with the way these recordings turned out. Extra special thanks to Rob Greenway (aka: brilliant fish) for putting up with me and bringing out the best in me. His production, editing, mixing and playing were truly enhancing. Of course thanks also to Ian de Souza (basses), Rebecca Campbell(vocals, percussion and whistling), Brian MacMillan(guitars), Cam MacInnes(guitars), Jerome Godboo(harmonica), Michael Menegon(udu), Dari Yordanova(vocals), and of course Sweet T (Tracey Coveart)(vocals). Also Jim Bish(saxophone, flute, vocals) for helping to bring the live shows to furtherance. Again, come on out on Oct 26 to sing along, dance along, listen along, belong along

 — feeling thankful.