Tyler Ellis and The Eddy Line continue their slow and steady wins the race approach to bringing their uniquely Canadian original tunes to the world.

Following the release, in 2012, of “Northern Bliss”, Ellis’ 4th release (recorded live off the floor at Blue Rodeo’s Woodshed Studio, and released on Ellis’ Northern Bliss Music label) The Eddy Line added the renown Toronto lead guitar player Bruce Adamson and sweet lap steel of Josh McKillop to its roster and began gigging with the full band, something Tyler hadn’t done since the release of his live solo album in 2005. The response has been fantastic and Tyler and the band continue to hone their sound with every passing show.  Playing songs from Ellis’ impressive past catalogue but also ripping it up with a ton of new tunes that at this point can only be enjoyed LIVE! A new record is in the works so stay tuned and for crying out loud get yourself to a live show! Bliss.