New WEEKLY RESIDENCY with Danny Marks! Catch the boys performing EVERY SATURDAY 1pm-4pm at 511 Danforth Ave. Reservations recommended 416.425.4664 Danny Marks, Alec Fraser & Teddy Hawkins

Canadian guitarist Danny Marks talks about Edward Bear, nostalgic 70s, Bluz.FM and his guitars

“For the blues to always remember its roots and always stay relevant in the now”

Danny Marks: Cosmopolitan Multicultural Blues

Toronto’s own Danny Marks is a multi-talented, multi-tasking music man who has lived many lives in his four decades as a guitarist, songwriter and media personality. The long-time host of a popular blues radio program and television host, he is a recipient of the Toronto Blues Society’s Blues with a Feeling Award for lifetime achievement in music and broadcast. A fixture on the Toronto blues scene, Danny’s musical roots go back to the sixties as a founding member of Edward Bear. He has opened for and backed up artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Bo Diddley, Paul Butterfield, Stephen Stills, Humble Pie, Ronnie Hawkins, Rick James, and many more. In 2013, Marks begins another new enterprise as host of Cities in Blue on HiFi TV.

From Danny on the new Relish gig:
“when you have a house gig you never know from week to week how it might be. Sometimes it can be like day old bread, other times fresh as a daisy. Today was exceptional. The whole room was filled with music and love. We are reinvented new and better. Here’s something I learned. Don’t play all your cards in the first deal. Then, when you go really deep, keep turning up high cards with every hand.”


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Had a great birthday afternoon here, singing along with the oldies with family and friends. Thanks Relish, and Danny Marks Combo, for a memorable time. (How come I can remember ALL the words to ALL those old songs, but I can’t remember what I walked into the kitchen for??)

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