If a “cadre” is a dedicated group with a common objective, then Toronto-based band Cadre is certainly all those things – and much more. Based around the award-winning “uprooted roots” songs of singer/actor Bill Colgate and the wildly inventive slide playing of guitarist/producer Cam MacInnes, Cadre’s groove-filled tunes provide the perfect emotional bedrock for Colgate’s musings on life, love, Dante’s Inferno and fine-tooled leather. Equally at home on the festival stage or in the studio, the music of Cadre has (as one music critic noted) “the potential to heal a world suffering from insipid popular music.”

Bill Colgate – principal songwriter, lead vocals, harmonica
Cam MacInnes – musical director, guitars, Dobro
Joey Gaitanis – guitars, vocals
Jeff Dunk – bass, vocals
Rob Greenway – drums, vocals